How to Install Wi-Fi Signal Boosters

A high-speed internet connection along with a router that works well are the foundation for any reliable Wi-Fi connection. Unfortunately, a myriad of things can disrupt that connection, from issues at home like dead spots to signal interference. There are many ways to improve your connection, including specialized hardware or changing the settings of your Wi-Fi.

A Wi-Fi booster is a perfect solution to repair those weak signals, whether you’re having issues streaming videos or playing online games or require a stronger signal throughout your home. Repeaters, extenders, and boosters help to boost the current wireless network and broadcast it into areas where the current signal isn’t able to be received.

Different WiFi boosters offer different features, but they all work the same way. They connect to a power source and connect to your wireless router through the wireless connection. Some are designed with wall plugs, while others are a little more stylish and sit on a desk or table. Some models have powerful amplifiers and more powerful antennas that increase your WiFi coverage over multiple floors, all corners of your home or even your backyard.

Consider a simple WiFi extender, such as this one from Netgear and then set it up when you’re ready. These extenders are a great option because they’re easy to set up and require no wired Ethernet. They also come with a convenient WPS button which makes connecting to your router extremely fast. The extender should be placed in the middle of your router and in the zone you wish to amplify so that it can take in and rebroadcast as powerful as possible.

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