About us

Situated in downtown Amman, the hostel is the perfect starting point for your exploration of Amman and beyond. The Cabin Hostel came to life in summer of 2019. As backpackers ourselves, we understand how accommodation, location, and hospitality plays in the overall experience of the city and country.

With that in mind, we spent over two months searching for a building that matched our needs. We chose an abandoned building which used to be a kitchen preparation space of Jabri’s Restaurant. The floor layout was challenging to manage, as it was triangle shaped and did not have many windows.

But with the determined and passionate support of our team, which is composed of Nasser, Abu Nasser, Muhammed, and Ahmed, we were able to overcome these obstacles with our collective skillsets.

The second important component was spent on preparing, selecting, cutting and priming wood. The hostel’s prime design motif is based on the cabins located in ships, as they are designed to be private and space-efficient to fit the needs of the ship as well as the cabin crew members, which is privacy and comfortability. The wood itself is recycled, reflecting our principle of environment sustainability.

In their former lives, the blocks of wood were used as support for cargos being loaded onto commercial ships, They were salvaged for their continued pliability. These blocks of wood were essential in the handcrafting of the hostel.

Throughout this process, it was not uncommon for the team to spend 10, 17 hours a day working on the hostel

Day or night, we worked hard to make sure the design was sound.

The design was put together by Abu Nasser, whose hobbies include metal and wood workmanship, and assembled by Muhammed, lead carpenter and electrician, making sure that everything constructed was according to the main design.