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If your partner or friend seems to be struggling, let them know you’re available if they need to talk. If you haven’t already, listen to their story, if they’re ready to tell you. They may also want to express their anger, frustration, fear or sadness about recent news events.

This may even feel like a way of looking after yourself. Some men may view the use of pornography as a relatively safe way to explore sexual feelings and desires. About 3 months ago I got married to my boyfriend of 4yrs. At one point during our relationship, I confessed to him that during my early childhood I had been sexually molested for years by a family member. I told him what happened and he was very understanding and supportive. I have for many years tried to put that part of my life behind me and although I told him about it, I did not really go into details.

In fact, it could just scare your friend into closing off. Your job isn’t to “fix” your friend, make them feel better, or take their pain away. Here’s what you need to know, and how you can be supportive. The counsellor asked Greg to look at some of the assumptions he had made about Linda.

Communication Tips for Partners of Trauma Survivors

The more we understand about the impact of trauma, the more we can help those touched by it to go beyond surviving, and find the healing security of healthier loving relationships. Healing childhood wounds takes careful, hard work. But it is possible to replace old rules bit by bit. Finding a therapist who can recognize and acknowledge the hurt, which the survivor has carried alone for so long, is key to repairing deep wounds.

Sexual violence has fallen by half in the last 20 years.

They may have a hard time respecting other people as equals. They feel that they are in a superior position to others, making it hard to enter a mutually loving, respectful relationship. People who were abused as children may believe, on some deep level, that they are not good enough to deserve a genuinely caring relationship. They may feel in a submissive position to others, making it hard to accept real love.

Fear and Anxiety

Unfortunately this backfired and placed me right back into the situation again and again. Because this is what I projected… that I was ready. What happens now is repeat experiences that I am not ready to handle and it increases the self doubt, confusion and anger at myself. All this did was perpetuate the feelings of inadequacy and confusion of who and what I was.

At first he tried to blame it on war, from he military. But as time went on, I learned he never deployed and we never spoke of his lies. I just tried to comfort him during the nightmares. Sometimes he’d respond positively, other times negatively. We both shared an interest for violence in the bedroom, and bdsm but I had lines that couldn’t be crossed…. It seemed there was nothing he didn’t fantasize about.

She needs to be able to form her own opinions without your attempts to influence them. You might feel angry at your partner for talking about the abuse, and then guilty for feeling angry. Although you might wish your partner would hurry and get on with recovery, she can do it only when she’s ready. If she’s worried about whether she can do it, encourage her to talk to a counsellor, or do some reading. If your partner is anxious about how it will affect your relationship, you could talk to a counsellor together about concerns and about what you might do to help.

To my surprise, my storytimes about the drama at my high school started to gain a lot of traction. By my senior year, I was eager to start the next chapter of my life, with a modest social media following coming along for the ride. While it is important to be supportive and a good listener, you cannot do these things at the expense of your own health or responsibilities.

pieces of advice for helping a partner who has been sexually assaulted

This experience could certainly have been a trigger for a lot of complicated feelings, and perhaps also coping behaviours, such as ending this relationship. The general thought is that not pressing him to talk about it is probably the right thing to do. Most men say that feeling pressured or pushed to talk about sexual abuse is not helpful . The other thing is that it might be simply too difficult to talk to you and your husband yet, as you are pretty close to it.