46 Things To Do In Singapore At Night As A Couple Like Bowling & Prawning

With I, Tonyareviving our love for triple lutz jumps, ice skating has become popular again. While we’re pretty sure you won’t be attempting any axel jumps or toe loops on the first go, it’s a great way to kid around with your bae. And if you’re shy about initiating that first hug or handhold, the slippery ice comes in handy. Fruzo is free Cheese out like Tom and Summer in 500 Days of Summer at this record store in Joo Chiat. The brainchild of DJ collective Matteblacc, Choice Cuts Goods + Coffee is more than meets the eye. This is also a great opportunity to check out its new sweet digs while sharing your favourite music with your date over some drinks.

What are the benefits of Date Ideas in Singapore?

If you want to see who likes you or explore people beyond the app’s suggestions, you will have to go Premium or purchase beans (the app’s in-app currency) to enjoy these extra features. You’ll no doubt find a ton of interesting people, but be prepared to spend more time curating all your matches as you would on any free dating site. Even though you won’t be investing a ton of time swiping through profiles, you still need to check the app daily if you want the best results.

It has been featured on almost every postcard since its debut in 2010. This integrated resort, which is basically a casino, mall, and convention center all in one, is Singapore’s most prominent landmark. You can have a date night dining in a celebrity chef restaurant or shopping at the classy shops. For the best dating experience, don’t forget to see the city view at the infinity pool if you are a hotel guest.

The best unique and fun date ideas in Singapore

As far as saving money on your trip goes you won’t find bigger savings then that, you currently get around 1.35 SGD for every $1 USD but that can change. When it comes to the hook up and dating customs in Singapore this country is so international that there really aren’t any. Sites like Agoda often have great deals, if you take the walk in rate or contact a hotel directly you will be paying as much as three times more than you would need to if you booked online. Seriously guys that is not a sales pitch, even if you do not book a hotel right now make sure you do not try to do a walk in rate here.

To maximize your time, check my comprehensive guide to Gardens by the Baybeforehand. Other must-visit spots here are the OCBC Skyway, Cloud Forest, and Art Sculptures. Unwrap the beauty of Gardens by the BayGardens by the Bay is one of the most visited places in Singapore for tourists and nature lovers. Take a look at my full list of the top rides at Universal Studios Singapore to know about what you can do and see at there. This will also provide you with some tips and tricks for your personal visit. Likewise, I have prepared an article with photos and details on how to go to Sentosa by MRT or cable car to further guide you.

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Your ticket allows you to get drinks from the bar and access to the BBQ pit with all the necessary dining utensils. Romantic as long as you and your partner enjoy each other’s company. But these romantic places in Singapore will be sure to add that extra touch to reignite sparks. You’ll have gorgeous views of Sentosa island as your backdrop, and a myriad of activities to do with your SO. The breezy marina is dotted with exquisite restaurants such as Prive, Sushi Jiro, and Ristorante Palermo. Pair these with a picturesque seafront view of calm waters, yachts and oceanic birds in the background and you’ve got an elegant day out on your hands.

In a cabin of your own away from the rest of the world, you don’t have to worry about noisy crowds interrupting your alone time. Take in the lush green hilltops, clear blue waters and of course, the picturesque Singapore skyline as you sail across to Sentosa Island. Stop and smell the roses as you take a romantic stroll through the majestic, gargantuan gardens surrounded by exotic foliage. Check out the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome for rotating displays of colourful blooms, and the OCBC Skyway for panoramic vistas of the Gardens. This whimsical playground in Clarke Quay transforms the traditional putt into a multi-sensory labyrinth of unique holes. Take a swing at the different mini golf courses that pay homage to a range of pop culture references – think Game of Thrones, The Simpsons, and Pac-Man.

Club Street is more of a bar street than a club street, not sure why it got that name. Scooch on down to the back alleys of Muscat Street for a rad hidden gem, an outdoor art gallery. Two parallel walls burst with a kaleidoscope of colour thanks to over 30 Instagram-worthy works by artists from the region and beyond. The eye-catching designs also make ace backdrops for that much-needed couple photo, and with natural light, Gelam Gallery is a win-win, really. SourceFor a lavish dinner at a vibrant Mexican saloon in Singapore, you must plan a candlelight dinner date with your sweetheart at Lucha Loco. The upbeat vibe here will transport you to a different world, mostly Mexican.

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Research beforehand and the time your ride perfectly to witness the sun setting over the ocean. Power however added that the site also bears signs of year-round habitation. Universal Studios Singapore is one of the most fun attractions in the city. Night Safari is the best thing to do at night as it’s the world’s first nocturnal zoo, so you won’t have many opportunities in life to see this.

The trails are conveniently put together by the National Heritage Board and can be viewed on their website. The simplest and quickest way to escape from the city is a $2 bum boat ride away! Take a day off and tour Pulau Ubin on rented bikes – bike rental costs as low as $3. Pack some home-cooked food, a first-aid kit and your cycling gear, and you’re all set for a day off from the bustling city without burning a hole in your pocket. SAM specializes in contemporary art from Singapore and Southeast Asia. When it opened in 1996 in a restored 19th-century Catholic boys school, it was the first art museum in the country.