RV Owners Share Their Story About Learning About Black Water

We have sewer plumbing parts such as hoses, waste valves, hose supports, and water treatments. For your fresh water plumbing systems, we have adapters and fittings, water tanks, drinking hoses, valves, water pressure regulators, water filters, pumps, and inlets. If you plan to use the connection just for dumping you do not need a p-trap.? Just unhook after the dump and seal the connection with a screw plug.? If you intend to keep connected to live in the trailer, then you need an odor seal and a p-trap if you want to leave the grey water open to the sewer. As RV Romer said, you can form a p-trap with the trailer’s sewer hose easily enough.

Follow the banks of the Current to its confluence with Pigeon Creek which supplies over 40 million gallons of water to the river each day. Camp in the shaded verdure in the middle of the Ozark region. By the banks of the river, you can spot a number of rare mammals and waterfowl coming out of the brush for a drink of cool water. Of Campsites–Located at the head of the Current River, Montauk State Park is famous for its excellent fishing and beautiful scenery.

Choosing a Location

Once the inside of the hose is clean, remove the hose from the inlet and spray off the elbow connector. The total expense depends on the length and depth of the trenches needed. This price usually doesn’t include removing landscaping or hardscaping before digging. Summer temperatures in Missouri rarely climb higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, although it isn’t unheard of to see a day 100 degrees plus. On average, temperatures will hover somewhere in the mid 70s.

At some locations, you can even find special events like pancake breakfasts and movie nights. Since these extras vary from campground to campground, reach out to your desired KOA location and ask about the special amenities, features and activities they offer. With such a wide variety of amenities and activities, each KOA is like a whole new experience. For an extra measure of caution, hit your black tank switch to the closed position before you start set up at your new location. As Mack removed the tank cover, just before he could attach the hose and click it in place, the sludge rush of 2018 began. This sludge had been stored in that black tank during our Florida summer for three months.

Use your best judgement for this and you’ll be just fine. Hooking the sewer up using PVC pipe is a matter of positioning and using the right connectors. Also, the type of security system you use is important. Keep in mind that the sewer lines for RVs, etc., are not made for long-term use. You may have to buy some new hoses that are thicker and tougher when you want to stay in one spot for a very long time. When you are planning to set up your RV on a permanent or semi-permanent basis, it is a good idea.

How Long Should an RV Sewer Hose Be?

However, there are logistics to consider and you should be prepared for them once your septic tank and concrete pad are ready for use. We offer everything you need in RV sewer accessories to is Meddle safe make installations and repairs easier and more productive. Ensure that the hose properly connects to your RV output for sewage. The RV sewage set-up is quick and easy after a time or two.

Utilize the store lot for an overnight but don’t make yourself at home for a family vacation. Don’t set up chairs and if you can avoid it, don’t extend your slide outs. If your RV requires a 50 amp to power all your inside goodies and the park only provides 30 amp, you can manage but you will not be able to run everything at once. Just like your water heater at home, your RV water heater knows when to heat things up. The water heater has a sensor that keeps track of the temperature of the water in the tank.

Why does your RV need 2 sewer hoses?

There are plenty of these RV dump cover lids and adapters that you can buy. They range between $30 and $35 at Enviro Design Products. But they are adapters that need something to attach them to. The best advice that can be given is to talk to a plumber as they may be the only ones licensed or approved to handle this installation. Finally, store the hose in its designated spot in your RV and discard your disposable gloves in a trash bin.

When boondocking, make sure your water tanks are full and you can also carry extra water containers for drinking, doing dishes, etc. You can always conserve water while you are off grid by skipping showers, taking a sponge bath, or using wet wipes to clean up. A few State Parks do offer full hookups but this is rare. While state parks may not offer a lot of amenities, they usually provide quiet, shady sites away from other RVers. Some campgrounds do not have a dump station which means you must find a place to dump your tanks outside of the campground. Be sure to use a verified dedicated drinking water hose and not a garden hose that can contain harmful chemicals.

Because standard-hose coverings are so thin they do not do well in harsh, cold winters, or if left outside for many days of heat and/or cold. However, before purchasing, you should still double check measurements to be sure the hose meets those standards. They originate from the Midwest but plan to enjoy the west for a few years, wintering in Arizona and summering wherever the road may lead. Writing is Terri’s passion, but she also loves hiking, kayaking, walking her dogs, and anything she can do outdoors. For more info about Boondockers Welcome check out our article, which includes our youTube Video, called Boondockers Welcome – Free RV Camping Review. Always be courteous, pick up any trash you may have around your rig, and leave it in good shape for the next vehicle that will be there.