Mike Meyers’ CompTIA Security+ Certification Guide, Third Edition Exam SY0-601 By Mike Meyers, Scott Jernigan Ebook

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Hackers—and more specifically security hackers—have the technical skills to gain access to computer systems. White hat hackers use their skills for good, checking for vulnerabilities and working with the full consent of the target. The malicious black hat hackers, in contrast, do not have the consent of the target. Gray hat hackers fall somewhere in the middle. They’re rarely malicious, but usually do not have the target’s consent. Defining each jargon word or phrase relies at least a little on understanding one or more of the other jargon phrases.

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CompTIA works hard to develop exams that accurately validate knowledge that professionals must have in that area. This enables employers and others to be confident that the individual’s knowledge meets a minimum level of skill, standardized across the industry. From the security standpoint, however, increasing the levels of protection for systems and data usually reduces functionality. Introducing security mechanisms and procedures into the mix doesn’t always allow users to see or interact with data and systems the way they would like. This usually means a reduction in functionality to some degree.

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Shadow IT describes information technology systems installed without the knowledge or consent of the main IT department. • The company expects many attacks on its Web server daily, but few on its internal servers. Risk is the likelihood of a threat actor taking advantage of a vulnerability by using a threat against an IT system asset.

The Exam Objective map included in Appendix A has been constructed to help you cross-reference the official exam objectives from CompTIA with the relevant coverage in the book. References have been provided for the exam objectives exactly as CompTIA has presented them—the module that covers that objective, the chapter, and a page reference are included. Domain 4.0 explores organizational security, such as incident response policies and procedures.

A security control is a directed action you place on some part of your infrastructure. Security controls don’t say how to perform the steps needed to mitigate a threat, only that they must be performed. Physical security is also an important part of an IT infrastructure. Fences, cameras, and guards protect your infrastructure just as well as they protect the rest of your organization.

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Does your organization have an intranet that enables suppliers to access your equipment? Then those suppliers are part of your IT infrastructure. Have a maintenance contract on all your laser printers? Yes, they are part of your IT infrastructure as well. The big difference here is how autonomous your IT management is in relation to the overall organization.

The next few sections cover specific exam objectives that you need to know. In other words, there should be no unauthorized modification, alteration, creation, or deletion of data. Any changes to data must be done only as part of authorized transformations in normal use and processing. Integrity can be maintained by the use of a variety of checks and FlirtWith sign up other mechanisms, including data checksums and comparison with known or computed data values. The CIA triad is put into practice through various security mechanisms and controls. Every security technique, practice, and mechanism put into place to protect systems and data relates in some fashion to ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability.