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But sometimes this indication isn’t made, and other times, perhaps, it isn’t made clear enough. During the first couple in this course our class decided that “hookup” was defined as a consensual, intimate interaction that is sexual between 2+ people without commitment. In the current hookup culture there is a big difference between a hookup and being intimate with someone that you are dating. You can say you hooked up with some buy from the bar, but you cannot say you hooked up with your boyfriend. I think this stems from the “no commitment” part of our definition, even though both experiences will be intimate and sexual, it doesn’t describe the act with a significant other because in that instance there is a commitment.

Lisa Wade American Hook Up

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Book Report: American Hookup

My teams’ external source for this category was a YouTube video that had people from different religious background discussing their viewpoints on sex before marriage. The key points I took from this video was that people’s religions change throughout life and that that is okay and acceptable. Also that people that have different views on sex before marriage can have a conversation about it and why they feel that way without it becoming a hostile environment. I also think this video was important because it might open up someone’s eyes that are not able to have those conversations, or those that judge others for their actions might become more accepting. College administrators are not focused on this issue, despite its widespread harmful impact on students’ emotions, and even physical health. They are focused on the very serious issue of sexual assault, apparently not connecting the dots between the pervasive and degrading hookup culture and how it may lead to the problem of sexual assault.

American Hookup : The New Culture Of Sex On Campus

I honestly think Greek Life could be a category of its own as there are so many rules and norms around it…maybe part of the social/communicative group. Anyways, I would never grind at a social and would judge my friends if they did although for example at Lou Has I wouldn’t even think twice about it. I never thought of it in a cultural way before but perhaps that is why it is less “acceptable” in one scenario compared to the other.

Those who have divorced parents seem more likely to be promiscuous, because there is inconsistency in parenting. We didn’t use any outside sources for this but are discussing using this for our script. Overall, I guess if I had to give some advice, I would say don’t let peer pressure impact your decisions in life. Even though I have definitely experienced this first hand, I’ve learned that what I do with my body is my business and no one else’s. If I wanted to have sex with someone new every weekend, I honestly could do that too. Even if I wanted to grind on a guy at every party I go to, I could do that too because you know why, I don’t care what people think and neither should you.

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It used to be more tight leather clothes and not gridding on each other, but now it’s minimal clothes and twerking. I like how the “hookup” culture is a more open accepting topic to talk about. I know it used to be a subject you don’t bring up but now it’s something you can discuss and ask for advice. At the very beginning of the semester, before we really did anything else, our class came up with a fluid definition of what hookup culture is.

If judgment could be removed, I believe we would live in a more peaceful world. Especially when it comes to hookups, it is a very personal preference and choice that everyone has a right to make for themselves. The research and discourse behind hookup culture are presented from a limited lens. When you look at the authors and demographics of the research subjects of this topic, it is evident that it lacks diversity.

I do not enjoy reading Bogle’s book just because of how she explains her findings. I think to a certain extent it is important to show her own experiences, and that is necessary. Since in the book there was a lack of representation of those communities, we decided to take another route and use an article that talks about religion. I think it is important for religion to be talked about because although the books are lacking in all those communities, it is also lacking in the hookup culture within religion. This article essentially talks about how different religions see hooking up and the hookup culture we are in. It is a fairly recent article with explanations and data varied throughout most minorities and sexes, through the lens of religion, which is a super interesting perspective.

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For example, the use of language such as “intimate interaction that is sexual” is careful to include a group such as Christianity that may practice celibacy, but still consider themselves active members of hook-up culture. I have participated in hookup culture before but honestly have not much recently. I did a fair amount in the beginning of my freshman year, like BeautifulPeople when I was meeting many new people, including many new boys. As I have grown up, I have realized that it has taken a toll on how I feel emotionally towards people. I would feel something more towards someone I hooked up with, when they would not, or even vice versa. This would lead to feelings being distorted and would lead me to be pretty lost and confused.

I think that as our society has changed women have started to become more confident in allowing themselves to enjoy the things they want. I also think that hooking up has become more normalized and while women, in my opinion, are more shamed for it than men there is overall less stigma around the act. While paging through the annotated bibliography that my group completed, there were not any sources that highlighted the marginalized groups’ references in my previous paragraph. I don’t think this was intentional, but rather it was a matter of not finding sources that included any of those groups, because most research is done by heterosexual white males and females, and they report on their similar groups.

I’m still trying to figure out my sexuality honestly so I’m not a hundred percent sure if I belong in certain groups or not. However one thing I found really interesting was the fact that racial minority groups were on the list. Everyone culture has a different view point regarding sex and the cultures in which I belong to view sex as something meant for marriage.