Chatbots in Banking: 10 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

By employing a website chatbot, organizations can reduce the friction from the user end. Also, it enables the service team to enhance lead generation, prevents fraud, advertises financial products to their customers from the comfort of their place. With website chatbots, the fintech industry can reduce the TAT in query resolution without changing the communication channel.

How Does AI Chatbots Work?

Chatbots work on 2 major principles, one is adherence to a series of predefined rules, and another is using AI to interpret queries and perform the necessary action.

By contextualizing products and services, banks increase their customer loyalty and their lifetime value. Chatbots in banking can help streamline transactions like money transfers and account balance checks via a conversational interface so that customers are constantly guided through their actions. Benefits of banking with Conversational AIReduce customer support costs. 6 in 10 financial services and organizations ranked customer experience as their top priority as most consumers say they are more likely to switch service providers for poor customer support.

Added security features:

Erica is an AI-powered virtual financial assistant available within the bank’s app. It’s a good bank bot to help customers manage their money more easily and in a smooth manner. The bot has an interactive interface that helps in getting banking information easily, be it related to account balances, credit scores, etc. Transform digital banking and give customers advantages like never before.

This expedites the approval process but also reduces the friction in gathering and transferring documents throughout the process. The bot can also handle customer queries related to their application and update them proactively on the status of their approval. The added benefit is that customers can onboard in their own time and in their preferred channel, without having to visit a branch or wait for a contact centre agent. One of the biggest benefits of using chatbots in the banking industry is that it offers 24/7 availability for your customers. People might experience problems with their accounts at any time of the day.

Engage customers via chatbots and drive revenue

Rules-based chatbots can automate customer service in very specific scenarios. For example, looking up an order status or browsing through a product catalog. Basic chatbot technology moves the conversation forward via bot-prompted keywords or UX features like Facebook Messenger’s suggested responses. (As compared to typing in a question in free-form, using slang and engaging naturally in a conversation). Typically, the bot will ask a user a question and display a few responses in which a person can select from or it will identify a specific keyword in a user’s question. Based on a person’s input, the conversation moves forward on a specific path.

AI Chatbot for Banking

The first chatbots adopted by companies were based on stringent rules and rigid decision trees that often led to frustrating user experiences. On the other hand, modern chatbots are more forgiving when it comes to following strict rules, enabling users to engage naturally in conversation. As per the fintech company claim, it has efficiently addressed 2.7 million customer queries and provided resolution in six month time period.

BNP Paribas develops conversational experiences with Inbenta

Banking ai bots are now generating new opportunities for banks to transform customer experience and generate increased customer acquisition, conversion, and retention rates, all at a lower cost. Chatbots can use digitised marketing techniques to attain new customers and retain old ones. With a dedicated chatbot for your bank, now do quick customer onboarding, enable everyday banking tasks.

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Evolve or perish, an old age phenomenon holds for the global banking and financial services. In the nearest years, we will definitely see the rise AI Chatbot for Banking of voice assistants in all fields, including the banking sector. For example, they will greatly speed up the process of communication with clients.

Ameyo DeliversValue > Cost

There are a lot of smart people in the banking industry who will disagree that chatbots will kill bank branches, and in fact, will argue that nothing will kill them off—that there will always be a role for branches. A chatbot helps guide the customer to the most appropriate service for them. They receive a custom banking experience based on their relevant needs without having to journey through irrelevant web pages of confusing information. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the preference for virtual customer care has made artificial intelligence necessary for business.

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Trust your AI bots to get smarter and work as a financial assistant to handle more advanced banking tasks. Save time and money by letting bots handle basic queries and transferring complex ones to human agents. Make use of the chatbot analytics to deliver relevant and personalized services and offers to your customers. Add value to users with the captured data about the behavior, trends and patterns.

REVE Chat: A Smart Banking Chatbot Solution

The days of paper currency and jingling coins have been replaced by credit cards and apps. Some banks have already developed strong chatbots that have started pairing AI technology with a human touch. But chatbots also can be used internally to train the bank’s employees, handle documentation, and automate administrative tasks. From the historical point of view, digitization of banks began with ATMs and then telephone banking. Evolution process has been followed by online and mobile banking, and now we are in the era of conversational commerce .

Banking chatbots may be realized within dedicated mobile banking applications or be an integral part of banks’ websites. Custom AI assistants are generally more effective and secure as they are developed using precise specifications and under the strict supervision of a particular financial organization where the bot will be integrated. Ready-made solutions are generic bots that are built with maximum versatility in mind but still allow a certain degree of customization. The main purpose of chatbots in banking is providing a better customer experience.

AI Chatbot for Banking

Chatbots that leverage AI technology will become more powerful over time as they learn from continuous customer interactions, training the algorithms to identify patterns and trends. But while AI tool implementation is relatively simple, ensuring these tools’ integrity is more difficult. As of early 2020, 13% of banks and credit unions had a chatbot, and another 16% were planning to introduce one in 2021, according to Cornerstone Advisors. Banking companies are responsible for protecting the information gathered by chatbots. To enhance your cybersecurity posture, you can read our cybersecurity best practices article. However, this is an emerging technology, and banks are advised to deploy well-tested solutions to ensure that their reputation is not harmed by chatbot glitches.

  • Intuitively designed chatbots can add a touch of warmth to a moment like this.
  • After registration, we’ll ask you a few questions about your industry, business needs, and ad budget.
  • Chatbots have simplified and streamlined the lead generation process in the banking industry.
  • Today you can see a rise in using conversational bots for assisting customers over text.
  • Banks need to improve the quality of their customer service without sacrificing time to redundant user queries.
  • Analyze customer’s sentiment and respond them in tune with their moods.

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AI Chatbot for Banking

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